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Supporting Each Other

I have a very talented actor-friend who generously donated his time to one of my student films. I remember thanking him for his contribution and he said to me, "I am glad to do this. Your project--it's a movement piece. It's political."

My heart warmed. When we shot his scene, he was a true leader--the picture of professionalism, leading his younger scene partners through his focus and generosity. Aldo Gonzalez been my friend and cheerleader for many years now. I can't wait to make a movie with him where he really gets to let his acting chops shine.

In the meantime, we get together for coffee at La Primera Taza, a Boyle Heights coffee shop that supported my little student film by providing restrooms and an indoor shelter from the heat for our dedicated volunteer cast and crew.

Mucho love-o to both these guys for their kind and giving spirits, and for helping me out when I had only art to give in return.

Check out @actoraldo on Instagram and go visit @elcafebyprimera in East LA

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